Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Forget Me Not - Art Against Alzheimers prints, 2017

So this year's contribution to Mr. Tokunaga's yearly drive for Alzheimer's charity. A splash page to get the general feel of the pieces offered, since I'm too lazy to post each individually here.


Edit: Ah, the hell with it. Drawn mostly in this order:

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Another Sketch and Illustration Dump

This place is becoming more the clearing house for anything I do over a several month period. In any case, enjoy these several images my tens of viewers.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sketches before the year ends

...Because tumblr's flipping out for some reason over showing images proper. From the past few months going back to Halloween:

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Which reminds me...

...Realized that I hadn't posted any of the previous Space Harrier stuff here before. So here they are, all two pages, plus development illustration.

Space Harrier comic pages and WIP cont'd

And the Space Harrier saga continues.

Some WIP pages and illustrations:

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Beta Euthynus sketches illustrations and WIPs

Because Mr. Chris Palmer has really appealing shorthands for character faces.

Anyhow, some WIPs ranging anywhere from a few months to over a year ago, with some recent revisions to the faces and whatnot. Shape and line choices vary because of the former, which isn't a big deal given most of these are still works in progress.

Am starting to really not regret sitting on drawings, especially in regards to comic panels, given how much easier and codified this particular character's face was to draw after having a year's worth of time under my belt. Pauca sed matura, at least in terms of what folks see. There's plenty more of these sorts of drawings behind the scenes.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Kolyma Tales

~ Through The Snow ~

"How is a road beaten down through the virgin snow? One person walks ahead, sweating, swearing, and barely moving his feet. He keeps getting stuck in the loose, deep snow. He goes far ahead, marking his path with uneven black pits. When he tires, he lies down on the snow, lights a home-made cigarette, and the tobacco smoke hangs suspended above the white, gleaming snow like a blue cloud. The man moves on, but the cloud remains hovering above the spot where he rested, for the air is motionless. Roads are always beaten down on days like these - so that the wind won't sweep away this labor of man. The man himself selects points in the snow's infinity to orient himself - a cliff, a tall tree. He steers his body through the snow in the same fashion that a helmsman steers a riverboat from one cape to another.

"Five or six persons follow shoulder-to-shoulder along the narrow, wavering track of the first man. They walk beside his path but not along it. When they reach a predetermined spot, they turn back and tramp down the clean virgin snow which has not yet felt the foot of man. The road is tramped down. It can be used by the people, sleighs, tractors. If they were to walk directly behind the first man, the second group would make a clearly defined but barely passable narrow path, and not a road. The first man has the hardest task, and when he is exhausted, another man from the group of five takes his place. Each of them - even the smallest and weakest - must beat down a section of virgin snow, and not simply follow another's footsteps. Later will come tractors and horses driven by readers, instead of authors and poets."

 ~ Varlam Shalamov

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Character Designs and Sketch Pages

Not even halfway through the season yet. Anyhow, making the effort every day to step away from storyboarding and doing some kind of illustration, design, or color work. Even if it sits in a folder for the better part of a year.