Thursday, April 19, 2018

Obligatory Retro Game Post 5

The Space Harrier cyclops mammoth got cropped out for now, but since this is part of a larger illustration, no worries. He'll have his day soon. As always, this can be found over at the Instagram account.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Birthday Card Illustrations

Two birthday card illustrations I did for a former coworker over a year apart. Given it's mostly all the same characters, it's a good benchmark to see what all has changed in my drawing choices and habits, if any. I think my waist proportions are a little more balanced now, and am hitting the eyes with a little more control and possibly style, mostly aping on Guillaume Singelin's cat pupil approach, which I like playing with. (The purple plum / raisin character is not mine, btw, but the friend's whose bday this was for.)
Posted this over at the Instagram account already: Complete revision of an ancient piece back from the CalArts days, 2005 or so. If you look closely you can see the original image in the background. I think I may have even used it for my portfolio submissions that landed me one of my first studio jobs at the time.

(Yes, an actual physical portfolio. 30 to 45 page booklets, with clear insert sleeves, badly printed images courtesy of Kinko's, and a grand total of 30 seconds spent by companies flipping through them - these existed at one point in time, back when Cintiqs were seen as a novelty item in the industry.)

If I remember right, one of the roommates at the time had a high end printer which I used to knock these portfolios out with. Later on I was at the mercy of Kinko's. The first got me into the industry, the latter not so much. Which makes one wonder if it was the quality of the work or the prints that caught their eye first time around, since I was drawing sh*t at the time. But it was sh*t that was high res on 80lb satin matte paper.

But oh well. Предоставь мертвым погребать своих мертвецов.

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Obligatory Retro Game Post 3

Took a panel from a larger comic book page to try out a color pass. The larger page is below, with a simpler color / tone approach, which I like a little better. More of an old comic print approach with the RGB dot matrix / zip tone look.

Obligatory Retro Game Post 2

Once again, head on over to the Instagram account for the latest if Blogspot is making you feel dated for even lurking around here.

Obligatory Retro Game Post

As always, you can hop over to my Instagram account (for as long as that stays a viable format) and see the easter egg for this pic there.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Forget Me Not - Art Against Alzheimers prints, 2017

So this year's contribution to Mr. Tokunaga's yearly drive for Alzheimer's charity. A splash page to get the general feel of the pieces offered, since I'm too lazy to post each individually here.


Edit: Ah, the hell with it. Drawn mostly in this order:

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Another Sketch and Illustration Dump

This place is becoming more the clearing house for anything I do over a several month period. In any case, enjoy these several images my tens of viewers.